There are an enormous range of books relating to “self help”, “peer” and/or “support” the books below are intended as a sample rather than a specific recommendation. If you have a specific recommendation please comment below.

Effective Support Groups: How to Plan, Design, Facilitate, and Enjoy Them Kindle Edition

by James E. Miller (Author)

This book uses a question and answer approach to cover both basic and advanced information. How often should a support group meet? Where? How long should meetings last? What are appropriate ground rules? What are the qualities of a good facilitator? These answers and more are provided.

No Nonsense Support Group Guide Kindle Edition

by Linda Ruescher (Author)

This book will guide you through the process of establishing a support group, marketing your group, and how to facilitate successful and positive meetings. A section is included on how to handle difficult people. Suggested reading and a resource list are included.

The Understanding Your Grief Support Group Guide: Starting and Leading a Bereavement Support Group Kindle Edition

by Alan D. Wolfelt (Author)

This guide to facilitating support groups offers bereavement caregivers practical strategies for creating and maintaining a productive environment for mourners. Logistical considerations such as setting up and publicizing a new group are discussed, as is the importance of prescreening new members. Tips for creating a set of ground rules are provided, and the pros and cons of creating structured and unstructured meetings are considered. Responding constructively to problems in the group is also discussed, with helpful, time-proven models provided for evaluating group and individual progress.

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Writing for Profit Kindle Edition

by The Insecure Writer’s Support Group (Author), Alex J. Cavanaugh (Author), Heather M. Gardner (Author), & 7 more

From writing to publishing to marketing, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group members provide tips on making money as a writer. This guide represents the spirit of the IWSG – to encourage and support writers everywhere! It is our hope that this book will benefit you as a writer, no matter where you are in the journey.

Leading Peer Support and Self-Help Groups: A Pocket Resource for Peer Specialists and Support Group Facilitators Paperback – 21 Aug 2016

by Charles Drebing (Author)

There were more visits to peer support/self-help groups last year, than there were visits to the offices of mental health professionals. Peer support groups have exploded in popularity, as the public and the healthcare community recognize that they provide an effective complement to formal care, and improve the chance that many participants will have better healthcare outcomes. Few peer support/self-help group leaders have more than minimal training in how to lead a group successfully

Making Small Groups Work: What Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know Paperback – 12 Aug 2003

by Henry Cloud (Author), John Sims Townsend (Author)

Lead small groups through astounding growth with principles from the best-selling books How People Grow and Boundaries. No matter what need brings a group of people together —from marriage enrichment to divorce recovery, from grief recovery to spiritual formation—, members are part of a small group because they want to grow. This book by psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend provides small-group leaders with valuable guidance and information on how they can help their groups to grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

Peer to Peer Groups: Learning from Those You Trust. (CoolREADs) Paperback – 15 Sep 2017

by Jim Schell (Author)

A Peer-to-Peer group made up of people with similar interests can be the premier learning tool of them all if structured correctly. Who better to learn from than group members who have already learned life’s lessons the hard way? In Peer-to-Peer groups: Learning from those you trust you’ll learn:
• How to create and facilitate a collaborative and caring team of peers
• The long list of benefits that peer-to-peer teams provide to their
• The three core values that every peer-to-peer team must have
• How to vet and recognize the members that will best fit your team
• The keys to becoming a crackerjack facilitator of all meetings,
peer-to-peer and otherwise
• The many tricks required to making a team meeting click.
• Developing an agenda that works for everyone
• The difference peer-to-peer teams can make in your community.

A Woman’s Circle: Create a peer mentoring group for advice, networking, support and connection Paperback – 8 Mar 2016

by Maureen F. Fitzgerald PhD (Author)

A Woman’s Circle: Create a peer mentoring group for advice, networking, support and connection. Everything you need to know to create and run your own peer mentoring circle. Imagine a circle of like-minded women who know you well, support you and also challenge you to be your absolute best. These women understand you and your dreams and through sharing and conversing help you achieve your goals and deal with problems along the way.

Planning Small Groups with Purpose: A Field-Tested Guide to Design and Grow Your Ministry Paperback – 3 Jul 2018

by Steve Gladen (Author)

Saddleback’s small groups pastor draws on thirty years of experience to give churches a step-by-step process for building a strategic plan that accelerates their small group ministry.

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