Training needs

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The most requested needs for training we receive from groups are:

  • how to facilitate a meeting
  • what to do on social media

If you currently facilitate a support group in Queensland and would like to connect with other facilitators/group leaders, you can ask to join our new Closed Facebook group.

Connecting Up is an Australian not-for-profit IT organisation with many useful resources on social media. We would recommend them!

Self Help Queensland

We promote many free or low cost events run by support groups or community organisations. If you are in a regional community, and need local training, travel sponsorship or webinar support, we can also assist in many cases.

Other strategies include

Different ways that our support groups teach themselves new things (apart from learning from each other) are:

  • have an advisory group or health professionals attached (eg. a local GP with a focus on the issue)
  • invite guest speakers along for all or part of a meeting (ask the group who they want to hear from or what they want to know about)
  • participate in or commission research or work with a university
  • run an annual conference
  • ask Self Help Queensland to find out more.