There are three things to manage when your support group is ending:

  • Celebrate your time together
  • Manage your records and resources
  • Redirect any potential enquiries.

Our world has many ways to celebrate an ending, it may be a party, a quiet reflection, revisit a photo collection or a debriefing.  Think about your group and what would be meaningful. Saying thank you is a simple way to make an ending more positive.

If you have money or other resources, gift them to a good home, perhaps the organisation who hosted you or a similar group in another place. If you are set up as a charity or incorporation, there are rules on how your assets are disposed. If you have interesting historical documents, discuss keeping them with your local library or what about a time capsule. If you have financial records – put them in boxes or on USB marked with the year they can be disposed.

People may still look for your group for years afterwards. Try to cancel all places you are listed and redirect enquiries to useful place for others seeking self-help.

Endings can be sad, but with your efforts and reflection they can be positive for your people.