Supporting people to find their own solutions to improve well-being


Current Size: 100%

Self Help Queensland Inc (SHQ) supports people to find their own solutions to improve health and well being.  It does this by undertaking activities which assist in developing, promoting and sustaining the Self Help Sector in Queensland
We provide:
  • Referrals to Self Help and Support Groups for health conditions and related issues – locally, nationally or internationally
  • Free, online searchable Directory of Queensland Self Help and Support Groups on our website
  • Information and assistance to people thinking of starting a new self help or support group
  • Support and information to existing groups
  • Networking opportunities for groups – inside and outside the Sector
  • Assistance to groups to help identify needs and problem solve
  • Information about resources for groups
  • Training for member groups when requested
  • Group capacity building projects
  • Auspicing of unincorporated groups (under certain circumstances)
  • Assistance to member groups to identify possible funding opportunities and some help with the preparation of applications
  • Letters of support for member groups seeking grant funding
  • Lobbying to Government on behalf of the Sector
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter providing information about the Self Help Sector – to groups, professionals and the general community
  • Opportunities for groups to promote their work through newsletters, website, facebook. networking etc 
  • Referrals to interstate clearing houses for self help and support groups