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From time to time, we will feature books that we think will empower and inspire.

Our pick: Closer by Peter Charleston

“Full of insight and wisdom, ‘Closer’ lays bear a practical framework to make and deepen human relationships. Written in an engaging and accessible style, Charleston’s ‘7 principles of connectedness’ gives us the understanding and tools needed to create better relationships with ourselves and those around us, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to understand themselves better, how they relate to others and the importance of good relationships.”

In a world dominated by electronic communications, instant messaging, online identities and busy lives, we are losing touch with each other and our relationships are lacking real meaning.

Closer creates a practical framework for establishing a good relationship with yourself, and amazing relationships with others, by tapping into the emotional needs that underlay all interactions. It provides a unique way of tapping into the unconscious drivers behind the relationships you want to improve, repair or strengthen. It’s a highly effective way of significantly improving personal and professional relationships.

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