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Let us share your team and stories!

Self-help Queensland assist over 600 support groups in Queensland. We invite you to share about your group with others, through our newsletter, Facebook or website. Please let us know how your group is going. Some comments from people in these times have been:

  • “Thanks for remembering me and forwarding information.”
  • “I was feeling absolutely desperate until you arranged our Zoom meeting.”
  • “I have experienced since last year numerous calls from people, most stemming from the virus, financial hardship, people genuinely struggling with life, severe depression & unemployment. It’s ongoing in these trying times.”
  • “At least we’ll be able to meet electronically, which is infinitely better than not meeting at all. Thanks for setting this up.”
  • “Thanks, Selina, we are doing OK.”
  •  “For me personally it has been a boost to realise I am not alone and there are people out there who care and understand.”

We are currently building an image bank to brighten up our newsletter and website. We invite you to share your photos with us. Please ensure the photos are high-resolution, captioned, and have been consented to by those featured. If you know anyone or group that’ll be interested please let us know, we would love to have you featured on our page. We look forward to your submissions at!

At Self Help Queensland, our team is a little bigger now, you can connect with Louisa, our admin and communications worker; Lucy, our Griffith University Human Services student on placement. They are both wonderful women who have amazing skills. Seble continues to work with multicultural groups and set a new Zoom record for us – over 3000 people on a community workshop on family and relationships – held in Amharic!

Let’s continue to support each other through these difficult times.

The SHQ team

Email to learn more about Seasons for Growth workshops and support groups, an innovative, loss and grief education program that uses the metaphor of the seasons to understand the experience of grief.

This project is in partnership with the Salvation Army Qld and Good Grief.

Two Potential Vaccines and Why Getting Tested Matters

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford

The way we do things has changed significantly. It has been hard on many Australians, but we have come a long way. Most of us have handled COVID-19 exceptionally well. We couldn’t have made it this far if not for teamwork and working together as a community. 

As we continue to follow the COVID-19 safety plan, the Australian team at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness (ACDP) are working extremely hard to find a COVID-19 vaccine with many other overseas collaborations. As the ACDP is working hard to find the cure for COVID -9, we can also work hard to reduce the number of COVID-19 from spreading.

We understand many of you are afraid of getting tested for COVID-19. Diagnosing COVID-19 early, even when symptoms are mild, helps slow the spread of COVID-19. Testing helps track the spread of the virus and keep our families and communities safe.

Getting tested means that you can take informed action to protect yourself and your loved ones. The evidence clearly shows that stigma and fear around infectious diseases set back the response. An environment needs to be created in which the disease and its impact can be discussed and addressed openly, honestly and effectively.

We encourage you to support the Australian Centre for Disease Team by stepping up and doing your part. We thank them for their hard work in finding a vaccine for COVID-19, it is a huge task, and there is a lot of pressure on them right now. However, we are hopeful and believe that they will find one soon. We would also like to say thank you to all the essential workers who continue to provide essential services during this time.

Step Up: Everyone is a Facilitator

While many come to peer groups for support, they are often surprised to find themselves becoming a mentor to others. This might be something they are experiencing for the first time.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

A person’s lived experience can become a lesson of hope and accomplishment. Group members who have struggled and felt outcast and alone can come to be viewed as a role model —respected in their fight for a better life. 

Participants are encouraged to champion one another and co-facilitate some of the discussion among each other. By leading brief parts of the session, members can nurture a sense of confidence and a sense of value through the support and hope they offer others. They can provide support to each other outside of meetings. The “buddy” system, used by groups like AA, encourages members to take an interest in one another’s well-being and form relationships outside the group.

Disclosure – the act of revealing personal information – gives other members a chance to offer support, ideas, and assistance. It also encourages others to share their own experiences and build trust in the group. Facilitators and seasoned members can support a safe space for disclosures by sharing a little about themselves first and listening respectfully. 

Peer support groups enable participants to take charge of the quality and direction of their lives. By developing a relationship of trust with their peers, they can work with one another to create plans for responding to challenges and caring for themselves beyond the group. After all, succeeding beyond the group is the ultimate goal of peer support.

Share Shed and Belong Team Up to Boost Local COVID-19 Economic Recovery 

Share Shed Inc, Brisbane’s first Library of Things, and Belong, a community organisation operating across Brisbane’s Southside, have teamed up in a unique way to provide access to much-needed goods for families doing it tough due to COVID-19.

Belong and Share Shed believe in helping and supporting those with limited income during these hard times. Their charitable work has brought the community together and put smiles on a lot of people’s faces.

The idea is to encourage people to pay-it-forward and donate an annual Share Shed membership to those in need. Belong then distributed the donated memberships to families who needs it most. The memberships allow them to have access to hundreds of useful items for free.

This collaboration has been a great success in bringing the community together and supporting those in need. Share Shed has been able to remain open and continue to support the community with the help of the community.

This article first appeared on Share Shed’s blog.
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