Self help and support groups are peer run groups that support people with conditions and related well-being issues.

Also called peer support or lived experience groups, self-help groups are managed by members who share the same concerns. Professionals might be asked to assist but members make their own choices about their group.

Looking for a specific self-help or support group? Search our database.

There are groups that support their members through their experiences of: mental health and wellness, chronic illness, disability, grief and loss, parenting, sexual health, addiction, trauma, rare diseases and refugees – the possibilities are endless.

Self help and support groups often complement professionals and services, there are also groups run by professionals and services.

Some groups meet on a regular basis and are associated with a particular neighbourhood, whilst others are exclusively online communities and some of these online groups support people across many countries, languages and cultures.

SHQ is funded to support self-help and support groups in Queensland.

Our services are free and we can help establish, develop, promote and sustain support groups.

We can also help organisations and people to find the right support groups for their clients.

Please register your self help or support group with us so that we can help people to connect with your group.

We have a database of self help and support groups in Queensland. When you have had a look at that please let us know if we can help you with other options or if you have any feedback or groups that we might add to our database.

We offer a free newsletter to those people who are interested in self-help and support groups, you can subscribe and look through our back issues here.

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SHQ is a registered Health Promotion Charity and we thank Queensland Health for the funding we have received since 1995 to help carry out our work.

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