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Australian Pituitary Foundation

Peer support and education for adults, children and families affected by pituitary gland disorders. Read more

Autism - Bundaberg Autism Spectrum Disorder Support Group

The purpose of the group is to support individuals and families with an Autism Spectrum Disorder with information and finding services to meet their needs. Also, to provide access to workshops/seminars which assist with understanding how an ASD affects the individual and family every day. Read more

Autism - Mackay Autism Support Group

A support group for parents of children and adults on the autism spectrum and also for those on the autism spectrum themselves. Read more

Autism - NQ Autism Support Group Inc

The NQ Autism Support Group Inc is a non-profit organisation made up of parents, carers and anyone interested in Autism. Members of the group work towards awareness and understanding of Autism and advocating for better services and support for those affected by Autism. Read more

Autism Gold Coast

Autism Gold Coast is a self-help volunteer not-for-profit organisation and registered charity, run by parents for families of people with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Read more

Bald Hills- Narangba TEAR Group

Our TEAR Justice Group provides a stimulating and friendly environment to explore the issues of injustice and poverty and how we can best respond to these issues. Read more

Bald Hills/Pine Rivers Low Vision Support Group

The purpose of this group is to support vision impaired people who would like to have a morning out to talk with other people with the same problem. Read more

Bardet-Biedl Australia

Bardet-Biedl Australia is a website to help people establish contact with others affected by the syndrome. It is not a support group. There are also great links to the official international support groups and latest research on the syndrome. Read more

Bayside Low Vision Support Group

It is a self-help group for blind and vision impaired people to share experiences, friendships and where necessary refer to available services. Read more

Beenleigh Diabetes Support Group

The purpose of the group is for people with diabetes, and their carers, to come together for mutual support and information sharing. Read more