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Western Suburbs Low Vision Support Group

The purpose of the group is to support people with blindess or low vision to connect with others. People are able to receive a phone call every 2 months in their home, putting them in touch with others if they want to speak to them. Family members can also be included if they wish. Read more

Westside Carer Support Group

The purpose of the group is to meet other carers in the same situation, share stories and find out what is out there for you. Read more

Whirled Foundation

Whirled Foundation is a not for profit organisation which provides information, resources and support to people living with Meniere's Disease and other vetibular disorders, their family members/carers, friends and health professionals. Read more

White Wreath Assoc Ltd Action Against Suicide

We provide advocacy for those who need assistance in finding help for their mental health, and provide support for those bereaved by suicide. Our main objective is to raise funds to establish Safehaven Centre/s for those when suicide threatens. Read more

Wide Bay Aspergers Spouse and Partner Support Group

To give support, help minimise stress, share our experiences with each other showing we aren't alone as we try to survive day to day. Read more

Women's Craft Gathering

The purpose of Women's Craft Gathering is to provide a welcoming, friendly and safe space for women who wish to socialise, learn new skills, share information and support, and empower women in the group. Read more

Work Injury Support Network

The purpose of the group is: To help alleviate the stress of injured workers dealing with the workers compensation system and work injuries. Read more

Yeppoon Parkinson's Support Group

The purpose of the group is to support people with Parkinson's and to provide a safe place for people to share information and any difficulties they may be experiencing. Read more

Young Widows and Widowers Support Group of Brisbane

The Young Widows and Widowers Support Group of Brisbane is a non denominational self help group open to those who have been widowed. The group believes that sharing in a caring environment by people with similar life experience helps ease the pain of grief. Read more