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Colour Blind Awareness and Support Group Australia

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116 Hampden Road South
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The Colour Blind Awareness and Support Group was formed by colour blind and non colour blind individuals, professionals, teachers and parents to raise awareness of colour defective vision issues. The group can offer separate assistance to employers, students, pre school teachers, school counsellors, parents and teachers with practical help and strategies to suit the individual colour defective vision classification needs. We have research papers and contacts with Australian and overseas Universities. Unfortunately colour defective vision is not curable but the community including business, schools and the government need to make allowances for colour defective vision by using alternate colours and or colour compensation so that 1:10 Males and 1:200 females (1 million Australians) can all access the information. It is also not widely known that 20% of all females carry the defective gene! If you need help, pamphlets or assistance please contact us at the above web site or
Remember “We may be colour blind but / not blind to colour“

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Australia and Worldwide


  • On line practical support, information and electronic e-pamphlets to suit colour defective vision issues.
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  • Colourblindness, vision, colour defective vision,
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Additional information 
Parents of suspect colour defective vision children are encouraged to seek information and support at an early age.