Supporting people to find their own solutions to improve well-being

Welcome to Self Help Queensland Inc (SHQ)

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Self Help Queensland Inc (SHQ) was formed in 1983.  We are a not for profit, Queensland wide community organisation. We carry out a range of activities that help establish, develop, promote and sustain Self Help and Support Groups in Queensland.  We aim to support people who are seeking their own solutions to improve their wellbeing.

Self Help and Support Groups may be large or small, informal or sophisticated, stand alone or part of a network.  They vary across a broad range of health conditions and related wellbeing issues eg genetic conditions, mental health, chronic illness, disability, grief and loss, parenting, sexual health, addiction, employment, environment, multicultural, social action, rare diseases, parenting, refugees, etc.

SHQ is a registered Health Promotion Charity and we are thankful to Queensland Health for the funding we have received since 1995. 

SHQ is currently undergoing the major changes that require us to to become self sufficient. With the support of those who have known and valued our organisation over 30 years, we will endeavour to continue working with the Self Help Sector in Queensland, its members and interested stakeholders.

* Please check out our new Online Directory of Queensland Self Help and Support Groups. Just go to the Search the Directory button on the right, and follow the prompts.  Thank you to the groups who have given us permission to list them in the Directory, and for the patience of everyone while the Directory was being developed. We still have groups waiting to be added, and we will be doing this as quickly as we can to make it as comprehensive as possible.  We are still testing, so if you find any glitches would you kindly let us know so we can fix them.  If you have any queries about the Online Directory please do not hesitate to contact us. 

SHQ recognises and thanks the Community Benefit Funds Unit for the grant that has allowed us to establish the Online Directory of Queensland Self Help and Support Groups.